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The Importance of Training

Dave Marzio
November 21, 2022
Making sure that utilities do not get damaged on a construction site is a group effort. The more everyone knows about what utilities are in an area, the better the odds for success on your project.

Your whole crew needs to know about locating utilities

I think this short video (3:37) will give all construction contractors some good insight into the importance of training and knowledge about buried utilities. Most importantly, it shows how crucial it is to identify what utilities are potentially in your construction area.

This video is an excerpt of a much longer video of the same name, produced by Planet Underground TV. I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is contained in the original video which goes on to introduce you to paid training videos available from Staking University which you could offer to your crew if you wish. In fact, I have taken several of these training videos myself to keep my company up to date with training.

Your crew may not be equipped to locate utilities but knowing how to identify what utilities could be there is just as important.

Note: We do not receive any remuneration for presenting this information.

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Dave Marzio

Dave Marzio

Dave founded Spearhead Locating Services in 2015. His commitment to customer satisfaction and making sure every job is done thoroughly and correctly stems directly from his experience of over 30 years in the manufacturing industry. Dave understands the importance of being methodical and attention to detail. All these traits that Dave brings to Spearhead Locating Services make this company stand out as a locating services provider.

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