Santa Barbara Utility Locating Services

You’ve probably heard that you should “call before you dig” so you don’t find underground utilities the hard way. However, public utility locating services like Dig Alert only tell you part of the story. There may also be private utilities under your feet that Dig Alert’s locating methods won’t find! Spearhead Locating offers Santa Barbara utility locating services that let you know exactly what to expect before you begin a construction or landscaping project that requires excavation.

These days, utility locating is a necessary (and often mandatory) step when building, rebuilding or doing infrastructure maintenance. We work with construction companies on both residential and commercial projects, and our specialty is locating water, gas, electric, and data / comm lines as well as sewer laterals.

Call Spearhead Locating before you begin any project that involves excavation, trenching, soil sampling or directional boring. We’ll let you know what you’re dealing with before you dig.

How does utility locating work?

There are different types of location methods for different types of utilities. To give you just one example, we use electromagnetic equipment consisting of a transmitter and a receiver when we need to locate conductive cables or pipes. First the transmitter inducts a signal to the cable or pipe, and the receiver then picks up that signal.

Other types of utilities require different methods. For example, we use Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR scanning, to locate non-conductive pipes such as PVC pipes that would be missed by electromagnetic equipment. We take a thorough approach to ensure that all utilities are located before your project begins.

What's the difference between public and private utility locating?

You might wonder why it’s necessary to hire a different company for private utility locating. The public utility lines are the ones that go up to the meter, but anything beyond that will be private lines -- which are often not detectable by the means used by the public utility locators your municipality or utility company provides. That’s why Spearhead offers a full spectrum of utility locating services for private property.

But can’t you depend on utility documentation for your property to know where your underground utilities are? More often than not, that is far from being the case! In fact, utility documentation is the single biggest challenge a private utility locator faces. There may have been repairs made or utilities added since the original installation without updating the plan, or the original plan may have been lost long ago. Spearhead is able to provide you with high quality GIS mapping data and “as built” plans that consist of GIS vector overlays on aerial drone maps.

Choosing the right company for your Santa Barbara utility locating needs is important, because it takes a completely different skill set to locate private utilities vs. public utilities. Spearhead Locating Services has been serving this area for three years. We use all the right tools and techniques to deal with the challenge of finding non-metallic lines without tracer wires, as well as finding where undocumented installations, repairs and construction have taken place.

So if you plan on doing some work at your residential property, such as front or back yard landscaping upgrades, plumbing upgrades, burying electrical lines, or building an addition onto your house, call us first! We’ll make sure you know what you’re dealing with before you dig.

Call us today to request a quote on our Santa Barbara underground private utility locating services or GPR scanning. We are a certified utility locator, and all our work conforms to CGA standards. Plus, we have a faster response time and lower rates than our competitors. Let us give you a free estimate on our fast, accurate services!