Ventura/Oxnard Utility Locating Services

Call Spearhead Locating Services when you need utility locating services in Oxnard prior to beginning a new construction project on your property or even just making major changes to the landscaping. If the work you have in mind requires digging, you need to be very sure that both public and private utilities are not in the way. Spearhead Locating uses a multifaceted approach to utility locating in Oxnard, serving both commercial property owners and homeowners.

Why Call Spearhead Locating Services Before You Dig?

Construction companies and the owners of commercial properties have a very good reason to know what lies beneath before they begin digging: Excavators are most often responsible for the cost of restoring damaged underground utilities to their proper function. Hitting a buried line that you didn’t know was there can be not only costly, but can also cause excessive delays in your construction project.

But utility locating services are good for more than just helping you avoid liability and delays during a construction project. As early as the design phase, engineers and architects find it useful to have an exact knowledge of the location of buried utilities and infrastructure. Forewarned is forearmed -- and helps you stay on schedule and on budget.

Utility Locating for Homeowners

You might be the king or queen of your castle, but you also have a responsibility to your neighbors. Digging without first locating underground utility lines can be dangerous and costly -- from causing natural gas leaks to power outages. And you can be liable for damage to the line as well as to any of your neighbors who are affected by the outage you cause.

Underground utilities aren’t buried as deep as you might think. In fact, they are so easy to hit that according to CBS News, a line is hit every three minutes in the U.S.! So it’s of crucial importance that you make sure the coast is clear before you begin digging. If you’re a homeowner, call us first if you have plans to:

  • Build an addition on your home
  • Make major plumbing upgrades
  • Bury electrical lines
  • Do a landscaping project that requires digging

Spearhead Locating Services can find the private utility lines that Dig Alert might miss due to private lines often being non-metallic or not having a tracer line. Our specialty is in locating water, gas, electric, and data / comm lines and sewer laterals.

Commercial and Residential Utility Locating in Oxnard

Spearhead Locating Services provides utility locating services in Oxnard for both commercial and residential construction projects. We have worked with construction companies doing construction projects for everything from hospitals to solar installations, schools to housing developments, and government and military facilities.

Whether your project is related to construction or landscaping, and in a residential or commercial property, we can help you find the utilities that public utility locating might miss. Give us a call before you do any kind of excavation, directional boring, trenching, or soil sampling, and we’ll let you know exactly what you need to avoid.

How does utility locating work?

Lurking below our feet are many types of underground utilities: Gas, water, fiber, telecommunications, sewer lines. That means that digging without knowing what’s down there can cause catastrophic (and very expensive) problems!

The utility lines up to a property’s meter are usually public lines, and they can be located by using the free services that your local municipality & utility companies provide. Anything beyond the meter is considered private. So calling Dig Alert can help you know where the public utilities are, but there may be private utilities that aren’t detected by their locating services. That’s where Spearhead comes in.

What's the difference between public and private utility locating?

Different types of utilities require different locating methods. Public utility lines often transmit a signal or give off a charge, but many private utilities do not include this feature. A utility locating service like Spearhead has to have different equipment for locating different kinds of utilities. We use electromagnetic equipment to find conductive cables or pipes, for example.

When it comes to locating private underground utilities, a different skill set is required -- as well as the ability to do some detective work with utility documentation! With private systems, most plans reflect the original design and have not been updated to show subsequent repairs, upgrades and installations. Or the plans might be missing altogether. Non-metallic lines without tracer wires are also a common problem in private utility locating.

With our Oxnard utility locating services, Spearhead can provide customers with high quality GIS mapping data and “as built” plans that consist of aerial drone maps and GIS vector overlays.

Spearhead Locating Services is committed to offering the most accurate private utility locating services in Oxnard for construction companies as well as individuals, and at the best prices. To learn more about what we do, click our Services tab or request a free estimate. We’ll find any underground utilities before you start your construction project so you don’t have to find out about them the hard way!