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Aerial Mapping Services

Spearhead Locating Services has partnered with VTA DRONES to provide aerial mapping services to our customers. This is a cost efficient and effective tool to pair with our locating service.

After we have finished locating all utility lines the entire area is mapped by VTA DRONES. Industry standard mapping processes and standards are used to produce high resolution maps of the worksite or property.

100’s of still images are collected by industrial grade drones then aggregated together to generate the maps. Resolutions well beyond normal satellite maps are produced using this process.

After the maps showing all locating marks are generated VTA DRONES applies overlays with color coded lines and symbols, making identification of utility lines easy at a glance.

The maps can be imported into any GIS software system in the form of raster & vector data.

High resolution “As Built” plans showing the aerial map and digital overlays can also be exported in PDF form for easy distribution to the team & customer.

VTA DRONES is FAA certified and has a ruggedized unmanned aerial vehicle platform that is worksite ready.

Spearhead Locating Services & VTA DRONES locating service